PSD ROAD SOLUTIONS Co.,Ltd. was established to be a manufacturer of traffic paints, traffic signs and all types of traffic equipment.The company was established in 2012 and is a manufacturer of traffic paints in Thailand. Which has been an industrial product standard with a determined vision of the company’s leaders In aiming to develop traffic innovations To strengthen road safety Under the concept of  “A PATH YOU CAN TRUST” Therefore making the company focus on innovating And develop innovative products Continuous traffic safety By being able to offer a complete range of traffic safety products That can meet the needs of customers perfectly. Combined with professional services in providing advice, consultation and installation of various traffic equipment. Resulting in the company There are many works which are accepted by government agencies. And private sector in Thailand

At this moment, with the determination of our founder Making us a complete safety services company that can perform many tasks such as Traffic marking work Installation of traffic signs Light pole installation work And installation of rail cards To meet the needs of our customers as much as possible.

a path

you can trust


Strive to be the leading contractor

That should be used in traffic marking services, installing light poles, installing traffic signs And install the rail card

Strive to be a top seller

For safety products such as reflective stickers, rails, thermoplastic colored light poles And various reflective pins


Carry out projects

As well Highest quality and performance

Emphasize the value of the customer.

In which customers must receive good service At a fair price

Focus on after-sales service

Who cares about giving advice to customers