Glass Beads (D Colorway)

Plexiglass used with marking materials on the pavement

Thai Industrial Standards TIS. 543-2550

Plexiglass is a translucent spherical glass beads made of silica. When mixed and / or sprinkled on the surface, the marking material on the road surface has a reverse reflection property. (retroreflective) helps to see lines or markings on the road surface especially at night

The reflective glass balls of “D-Colorway” are produced with quality that meets international standards. Received TISI 543-2550 certification for industrial products.

Unique feature (specification) of reflective glass balls TIS. 543-2550

PSD Colorway Co., Ltd. is a distributor of reflective glass balls, sprinkling thermoplastic materials of Dc Colorway Co., Ltd., a reflective glass balls made from high quality silica. Has a round shape, clear, hard, and free of impurities, divided into 3 types

Type 1 plexiglass used to mix thermoplastic materials

Is a glass ball that has the qualification according to the TIS. 543-2550 Type 1 standard, used in the marking material on the road surface The glass ball mixture will contain at least 30% by weight of thermoplastic materials.

Type 2 Crystal ball is to be sprinkled on the surface of the marking material on the road surface.

The glass beads have specific characteristics according to the TIS. 543-2550 Type 2 or Glass bead class B standard, which is used for Sprinkling traffic lines in cold paint, hot paint, and Thermoplastic colors The plexiglass will be coated with anti-moisture solution To prevent the crystal ball to become clumped The glass balls will be buried on the surface of thermoplastic materials. Or traffic line The glass beads will reflect light when the car headlights shine. Resulting in safety at night The amount of glass beads overlay should be between 300-400 grams per square meter. This is for the reflection and the durability of the lines.

Type 3 (large size) used to mix and / or Sprinkled on the surface of the marking material on the road surface

Standard glass ball TIS. 543-2550 Type 3 is a large crystal ball for reflecting on rainy night, wet floor makes visibility more clear.

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