Indication Sign

Indication sign with Department of Highways and Department of Rural Roads’ standards

Product Summary

  • There are three main types of indication sign which are Type-9 (Glodian SG-9000), Type-4 (Glodian HIP-4100) and Type-1 (Glodian EGP-2100)
  • We can produce upon client’s request

Indication sign is used to suggest the direction and the distance of the destination for the driver. It is practical to be installed at the intersections close to the highways, and other locations.

Product Attribute

Lasting color, easy to be seen. The design of the sign and the pole can also be adjusted upon the client’s request.


  • 2 mm Aluminium Sheet

Reflective Sheeting (Reflomax)

  • Reflective sheeting according to TIS 606-2549 type 1
  • Reflective sheeting according to TIS 606-2549 type 4
  • Reflective sheeting according to TIS 606-2549 type 9

Types of poles

  • Sigle pole
  • Double poles
  • On surface pole
  • Roadside pole

We are the only Reflomax authorized distributor in Thailand

PSD Colorway Co.,Ltd. (Thailand) offers traffic sign installation for government organization, private organization and all organizations by authorized professional team experts. We also guarantee the quality of our products and services that meet all required standards.

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