Light Pole with TIS and ISO9001

Light Pole with TIS and ISO9001 approved according to Department of Highways and Department of Rural Roads’ standards

There are three main types of single-arm light pole :

  • Single-arm light pole with slim top
  • Single-arm galvanised light pole with slim top
  • Single-arm galvanised light pole

Light pole

is normally installed to gain the brightness to the courtyard, footpath, greensward, public park, and projects in housing estate. Mostly, the light poles with height of 4-9 metres are recommended to install because these types of height can give a proper brightness to the area.

Moreover, our light poles are galvanised which are specifically made to withstand extreme weather and corrosive conditions, and last long (Galvanisation is the process of dipping the metal into the high temperature zinc pond. In this process, the metal surface will be overlayed by the zinc. The longer of the time that the metal is dipped, the thicker of the zinc layer will be). It is recommended to be used outdoor. No need to worry about rusty metals during the whole time of using.

Our light poles are certified by TIS standard, and also meet all standards of Department of Highways

PSD light pole can be used to install in all housing estate, footpath , public park, and all places that would like to increase the brightness to the area.

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