Solar Road Stud (Yellow)

Product Details

  • There are two colors : Yellow and White
  • 6 of Super Bright LED lights are used in giving brightness.
  • The stud made from Aluminium Alloy and Poly-crystalline which are specifically made to withstand extreme weather and corrosive conditions, and last long.
  • Able to withstand the weight more than 20 tons
  • Coming with Acrylic Reflector in both of the sides to increase the capability of seeing at night
  • Size (Width x Length x Height): 122x132x75 mm.
  • 32 mm. of stud diameter
  • 1200mAH Ni-MH Battery is designed to be used
  • 180 times of flashing per minute
  • Able to be seen in a long distance (over 800 metres)
  • Able to work in variety of temperature ( -20 – 75 Celsius)
  • Solar Road Stud will give the light by flashing during the night, and automatically charge itself during the day. The stud will kindly collect the power received from the sunshine that have reflected to the solar cell
  • It is mostly installed along the roadside, as well as the road surface, so the solar road stud can work
  • The driver can clearly see the roadside and the lane lines
  • Great to prevent and decrease road accidents
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