Warning Sign

The sign warns drivers of road conditions that there is a potentially dangerous change. Make the driver more alert or slow down when driving the vehicle.

Used for curves, intersections, areas with reduced number of traffic lanes, steep slopes, unusual pavement conditions.

Special features

Quality materials, can make other signs and poles. According to customer requirements, can be seen clearly, with anti-UV reflective sheet.

Label size

  • Warning sign (T.1 – T.60) General standard size 60 × 60, 75 × 75, 90 × 90 cm.
  • As customer required

Label color

In general, the labels are yellow, the border of the sign, number and letter signs are used in black. Except warning signs related to construction and road maintenance work Use orange backgrounds, borders, signs, symbols, numbers and letters. Use black.

Material of the sign

  • Aluminum, 2 mm. Thickness

Reflomax reflective sheet

  • Reflective sheet according to TIS. 606-2549 Type 1
  • Reflective sheet according to TIS. 606-2549 Type 4
  • Reflective sheet according to TIS. 606-2549 Type 9

Sign pole pattern

  • Single pole type
  • 2 pole type

We are the sole design agent for Reflomax in Thailand.

PSD Colorway Company Limited Get the job of installing traffic signs. For all departments Both government agencies Private agency With a team of professional technicians Quality guaranteed

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