Traffic Sign Reflomax

PSD Color Way has started producing traffic signs. The reflective sheeting brand is used. Reflomax, a Korean brand, is in this production.

As a start, we found that brands Reflomax has the advantages of replacing the number one brand in Thailand as follows:


  • It can be cut more easily because the reflective sticker is thinner to some extent, but it does not mean thinner. It’s actually thinner, making it easier to stick to and maintaining the same quality as the number one brand in Thailand.
  • Brand reflective values Reflomax is the same value as the number one brand in Thailand or more.
  • When attached to steel plates, it looks like it’s when we use one of the most famous brands in Thailand. However, it is easier to stick with the one because it is thinner and the time is not pushed up.
  • At night, Reflomax reflective stickers are more visible compared to the #1 brands in Thailand as shown below.

Left Reflomax | Right 3MLeft

Left Reflomax | Right 3MLeft Reflomax | Right 3M

Left Reflomax | Right 3M

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